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This year, China's summer food has continued to increase, industrial growth has accelerated, consumption of urban and rural residents has been rising, and imports and exports have grown strongly...National bureau of statistics (NBS) chief economist yao jingyuan think, in general, the first half of China's economy maintained steady and rapid growth trend, but also exists in the economic operation excessively rapid industrial growth, our excessively large trade surplus, such outstanding problems as pressure on prices.


According to the ministry of agriculture, while local area affected by natural disasters, but this year China's summer grain harvest, output is expected to achieve production for four years, yield is expected to create the best level in history.


In the first half of the year, China's industrial production achieved relatively fast growth and the efficiency of industrial enterprises increased significantly.In the first five months of this year, industrial production increased by 18 per cent year-on-year, according to the national bureau of statistics.1%, the profit of industrial enterprises above the national scale reached 902.6 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 42 percent.1%.The comprehensive index of industrial economic benefit was obviously improved.


With the increase of people's income, the consumption level of urban and rural residents continued to rise in the first half of this year.According to the national bureau of statistics, total retail sales of consumer goods reached 35017 in the first five months of this year.800 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 15.But consumption growth is much lower than investment growth.Due to the recent domestic food prices are rising rapidly, especially in some large and medium cities pork prices rose faster, or bigger, pulling the national consumer price index rose by more than 3% for several month, pressure prices.The relevant departments of the state council and local governments at all levels have adopted a series of supportive measures to stabilize the production and supply of live pigs. At present, the price of pork in China has started to fall from its high level and is basically stabilizing.


This year, due to strong domestic and foreign market demand, China's foreign trade import and export continues to grow strongly.Imports and exports in the first half of the year were expected to be close to $1 trillion, up about 24 percent from a year earlier.Many domestic companies rushed to export tax rebates and other regulatory measures, leading to a sharp rise in the trade surplus, to $85.7 billion in the january-may period, and more than $100 billion in the first half.


In view of the current outstanding problems in economic work, the relevant departments of the state council launched a series of stable, improve and implement macro-control policies and measures, including the guidance and control flows, to solve the excess liquidity, eliminate backward production capacity, high pollution control energy-intensive industry construction, adjust the partial products export rebates and export tariff policy, etc.


Yao jingyuan think, as a series of macro-control policies to implement step by step, the second half of China's consumption growth will continue to improve, export growth will fall, while import growth increased, the trend of the growth is too fast, will effectively ease the trade surplus will continue to maintain steady and rapid economic growth throughout the year.

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