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Dao-xin wu, director of the center for economic development in today's international gung ho on zhangyaohua, high-tech enterprise development frontier BBS, according to the power of the dream by strong government should be strong, strong enterprises, citizens of three parts, the next 20 years, Chinese enterprises must become the leadership of the world economy. 


Why must Chinese companies be the leading force in the world economy?Wu daoxin believes that this is determined by the strength of China and the special historical period in which China is located.China's average GDP growth in the past two decades has contributed to the world's contribution to the entire world, which is only 17 percent behind the United States and 14 percent.The state is strong, and so must companies


Strong, otherwise it is difficult to circle the dream of China's century-long power.In the enterprise management, on the other hand, the initiative is always passive, Chinese enterprises should be a leader of the world economic tide ambition, or controlled by others, forever means forever low profits and high costs. 


So can Chinese companies become the leading forces in the world economy?According to wu daoxin, the answer is yes.World history shows that when a country's economy to become one of the world's leading economic power, it will produce more and more influential in the world, have a voice.It is estimated that China will make up a tenth of the world's top 500 companies in the next two decades. 


At present, in the process of playing with the international force, how should the Chinese enterprises with the temporary disadvantage play the defensive counterattack?Wu daoxin suggested that Chinese enterprises should build a strategic alliance to jointly cope with international competition.The expert, for example, in February, the world's three biggest iron ore miners joined forces to raise the price of iron ore


High range as high as seventy-one point percent, an Australian company to China for a higher price, the results of China's more than one hundred enterprises to unite and finally forced Australian company to abandon the unreasonable demands. 


China's powerful purchasing power and huge market space are likely to produce a number of world-class superenterprises, wu said.The Chinese enterprises should unite and seize the opportunity to be the representative strength of China as soon as possible and stay invincible in the whole international competition.

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