We deliver Hydraulic Cylinders to overseas countries

In 2009, as government investment began to pour in, the engineering machinery was expected to go well.繺 - move in domestic demand and international industrial transfer of the dual power, equipment manufacturing industry in China will continue to maintain a good momentum of steady growth quickly, mechanical industry organ in 2009 - run continued downward trend in the second half of 2008, the growth rate is estimated will fall by about 10% than in 2008, production and marketing in the whole year of 2009 is expected to grow by about 15%, the profit is expected to grow by about 10%, the export is expected to grow by about 15%.The auto sector is expected to grow by about 10% in 2009.The electrician industry grew by about 20%.Agricultural machinery, construction machinery, heavy mining machinery, petrochemical general equipment and machinery foundation increase by about 20%;The machine tool industry grew by about 15%.The internal combustion engine, instrumentation and food packaging machinery industry increased by about 10%.Cultural office equipment will grow by about 5%.

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