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Equipment manufacturing industry is the basic industry that provides technical equipment for national economic development and defense construction.Invigorate the equipment manufacturing industry, is an important task put forward by the party's 16 big, is set up and carry out the scientific development view, take a new road to industrialization, and a strategic measure to realize the sustainable development of national economy.The equipment manufacturing industry in our country after decades of development, and made remarkable achievements, formed the efficience, has quite a scale and a certain level of industry system, has become an important pillar industry of our country's economic development.However, China's equipment manufacturing industry also has problems such as weak innovation ability, high external dependence, unreasonable industrial structure and weak international competitiveness.In order to speed up the revitalization of the equipment manufacturing industry, introduced in 2006 the state council about accelerate the development of the several opinions of the equipment manufacturing industry, specifically focusing on large clean and efficient power generation equipment, large-scale petrochemical equipment, large-scale coal mining equipment, large ships, trains, large precision high speed nc machine tools, such as IC key equipment in the field of 16 major technical equipment.This newspaper has been reporting on "major equipment 16 special concerns" in 2006.Over the past two years and more, 16 major technical equipment has entered the implementation phase of the project, and the state has issued various support policies and supporting measures successively.Up to this year, 16 major technical equipment to advance to what extent, is the concern of all circles.


"In addition to the coal-to-oil and coal-to-olefins equipment, other equipment has basically achieved localization."Sui yongbin, chief engineer of China association of mechanical industry, has confirmed the development and development of large-scale coal chemical equipment in two years.


In recent years, the demand of China's energy and chemical products has been growing at a higher rate, and coal chemical industry has become an important part in China's energy and chemical industry.With the further deepening of China's energy structure adjustment, the coal chemical industry has been developing rapidly.The new technology and technology development of coal chemical industry bring new challenges to the upstream equipment industry, which also promotes the technological progress of the coal chemical equipment industry.


A breakthrough in the technical equipment of coal chemical industry


Since the development and development of a complete set of equipment for large-scale coal chemical industry has become 16 major special projects, China's coal chemical equipment industry has been developing rapidly, and the localization rate of the complete equipment of coal chemical industry has reached 90%.Industry insiders say.


In the view of sui yongbin, the most iconic result: the development of the 1.2 million tons of piston thrust reciprocating compressor developed by the shenyang blower factory.Second, China nonferrous group shenyang metallurgical machinery co., LTD develop the CWS gasification of high and low pressure diaphragm pump production technology breakthrough, which means that the high-pressure diaphragm pump for foreign products monopoly situation will be changed.


Shen Ye machinery with independent intellectual property rights of high and low pressure diaphragm pump to fill the domestic blank, its technology and performance index has reached the current international advanced level, for the development of coal chemical industry in China and it is of great significance to promote equipment manufacturing technology progress.So far, the company has provided more than 200 sets of diaphragm pumps for more than 10 industries in China, with more than 90% of the domestic market. 


China petroleum and chemical industry association deputy secretary-general, new coal chemical industry coordinating committee general secretary hu jintao moved Lin, "China's coal and coal to methanol, dimethyl ether has achieved localization of technical equipment, coal to olefin, coal-to-liquids technology is also ongoing demonstration project construction.Significant progress has been made in the development of major coal chemical equipment.


Moved hu Lin, "at present, the independent development of methanol synthesis reactor single set the scale of production capacity has reached 300000 tons/year, and with the construction of 1.8 million tons/year large technical basis of methanol production unit.The two-step synthesis of dimethyl ether technology has been completed by China's independent development, which has reached the international advanced level.


Gasification technology ranks among the world's advanced ranks


Hu removed Lin, for many years, with support from the national 863 plan of science and technology plan, through the cooperation of production, study and research, our country has made a number of with independent intellectual property rights, technology advanced coal gasification technology and achievement, especially large-scale coal gasification technology has entered the world advanced level.


Coal gasification technology is efficient and clean use of coal and coal, one of the key technologies in the development of synthetic ammonia and other traditional coal chemical industry and in alcohol ether fuel from coal, coal to olefin and coal as the main symbol of modern coal chemical industry leading technology, is also the key to energy conservation and emissions reduction, generic technology.For a long time, China's large-scale coal gasification technology is subject to foreign countries, and China has introduced coal gasification technology from abroad since the 1980s.It is estimated that licensing fees for the introduction of gasification technologies have been more than $200 million.These technologies are not all perfect, and our country has become a testing ground for foreign gasification technology.


In October 2005, yanmine cathay Pacific chemical co., LTD., in shandong province, completed 2 days of multi-nozzles for 1150 tons of coal, which was used to produce 240,000 tons of methanol and 71.8MW of power generation.Founded more than two day processing 1150 tons of coal in the nozzle contraposition type coal water slurry gasification unit, compared with the introduction of foreign technology, saving the patent licensing fees, software and technical service, etc. More than 6000 ten thousand yuan.


As of now, the technology has promoted more than 10 enterprises in China and more than 20 gasifier, hu said.The development of this technology successfully broke the monopoly of foreign companies in large-scale coal gasification technology, and achieved zero breakthrough of China's large-scale coal gasification technology.

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