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Learning from Japan's industrialization path, the machinery industry is one of the fastest growing industries in Japan.In recent years, with the deepening of China's industrialization process, the government always attaches great importance to the equipment manufacturing industry development, has introduced many supportive measures, such as domestic equipment exemptions, VAT refund, etc., in the field of some important construction requirements localization rate above 70%. 


The mechanical industry is a traditional industry in our country, and most of the subdivisions are involved in many enterprises, low market concentration, excess capacity, and low efficiency of enterprise operation. 


In 2006, the state council on several opinions of the development of the equipment manufacturing industry specifically 16 to encourage the development of the field, in particular order and are encouraged to use domestic first major technical equipment (sets).To order and use the first (set) domestic national key project of major technical equipment, in addition to technical progress can be identified as demonstration project, priority shall be arranged, also introduction of major technical equipment insurance mechanism, guiding equipment manufacturing enterprise and project owners for the first (set) for domestic major technical equipment.In practice, however, many large projects are still unwilling or less able to use domestic equipment. 


Planning point


"Planning" is proposed to rely on efficient clean power generation, uhv power transmission and transformation, coal and metals mining, pipelines and liquefied natural gas storage and transportation, high-speed railway, urban rail transit in areas such as key project, according to realize the key products of domestic manufacturing.Second, we should combine the key projects of steel, automobile, textile and other industries to promote the self-ownership of equipment.Third, we need to improve the technical level of large-scale forging parts, basic components, processing accessories, special raw materials and other supporting products, and strengthen the foundation of industrial development.Fourth, we need to promote structural adjustment and transform the pattern of industrial growth.Support equipment manufacturing backbone enterprises to undertake joint reorganization, and develop large enterprise groups with general contracting, system integration, international trade and financing capacity.

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