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The rapid market recovery was unexpected, with industry insiders widely believed that the "winter" of the engineering machinery industry was not in the past.At the start of the New Year, however, the construction machinery industry has seen "early spring" phenomenon.In January 2009, more than 40 cranes and 300 cranes were sold in zoomlion, which was better than last December, compared with January last year.It has sold more than 160 smart small excavators, up from the same period last year.The mountain bulldozer sold more than 240 sets.Xu resold more than 400 cranes.Policy effect can be sustained at present, 4 trillion yuan investment funds have been part of the enterprises, the equipment manufacturing industry revitalization planning, for engineering machinery enterprises, these are the two important news.At the end of last year, most people in the industry were not optimistic about the rapid effect of policy.At the time, the prevailing view was that policy would be effective, at least six months, and businesses were preparing for the long winter.As early as the end of last year, some funds have been released and some projects have been started.The strength of infrastructure has been strengthened in a timely manner. Due to the chain reaction, the engineering machinery industry has gradually received results.Local governments, in the light of the central spirit, responded quickly, allocating large sums of money from local budgets, giving green light to viable projects with development prospects and supporting the development of enterprises.For example, the government of guangxi zhuang autonomous region actively promotes the cooperation between liu gong and key user enterprises.The rapid implementation of these initiatives led to the early spring of the industry.At present, the equipment manufacturing revitalization plan has been formally adopted, and the specific measures are also being carried out.However, if you can't connect with this "early spring", it is difficult to ensure that the industry does not have the same phenomenon.The equipment manufacturing industry revitalization planning guidance is relatively strong, not like a car industry involves specific funds operation, the textile industry adjust export interest rates sharply so there is a clear measures of money.Therefore, the pressure of enterprises is still very large.The policy deals involving the engineering machinery industry are also related to the technological transformation of enterprises.Whether the enterprise can realize industrial upgrading in time, decides whether the enterprise can finally benefit from the revitalization plan.It is worrying that corporate development is unclear from the data at the end of 2008.Some construction machinery companies are close to halting production in order to absorb inventory.But this year, a number of production line stops have changed greatly.In the early spring of the industry, the company felt warm, but after all, in the early spring, the winter cold has not yet passed.It is predicted that the growth of the construction machinery industry will not compare with the rapid growth of previous years.Many companies have been very late in their production targets this year and are cautious about making data.At present, the situation of the first quarter is clear, the situation in the industry is good.But there are also companies that reflect what will happen after April, and now it's completely out of the question.Companies now have orders in their hands, but they will be able to stay in the quarter until the end of the quarter if they are fully started.How to obtain new orders is the key to the development of enterprises.In the current international enterprise operation situation due to the global financial crisis affected very period, our country enterprise can realize the adjustment of industrial structure in this period and technology upgrades, will speed up to international advanced level of chasing, lay a good foundation for future development.At present, each enterprise for investment is also have different understanding, some enterprises began to control investment, such as liugong, liugong is to selective adjustment of investment projects, some domestic programs to shrink, but the overseas project construction will continue to increase.There are also companies that believe that the level of investment should be maintained at last year's level to prepare for the real "spring" of an industry that could come at any time.The export pressure is still very much focused on the Middle East, southeast Asia, South America and so on.Due to the lack of open market, southeast Asia, South America and other regions are less affected by the financial crisis.Middle East countries affected by oil prices plummeted, the economy is very big impact, but the existing national industrial structure adjustment in step by step, engineering machinery market impact is not particularly evident.Generally speaking, the overseas regional markets are affected by different degrees.For Chinese enterprises, who can give full play to the advantage of cost performance, who will quickly turn to "danger" as "machine".In recent years, extensive Russian region become the machinery products is a very important emerging markets, many engineering machinery enterprises will also places such as Russia, Ukraine, kazakhstan, as a key development object.These regions, due to the technical reserve of the former Soviet union, have relatively high technical level and reliability.It is this technical level that makes these areas very demanding for product performance.Still, because of their relatively limited purchasing power, high-priced products like caterpillar are often discouraged.This makes highly cost-effective Chinese engineering machinery products in these areas very advantageous.At the end of last year, a reporter had seen a Russian agent of the Japanese company. His impression of Chinese products was that they were cost-effective and suitable for the Russian market.But at the same time, the consumption pattern in the pan-russian region is also a kind of leading consumption, and users are buying engineering machinery products in the form of credit.The financial crisis has hit such an economic model, so the decline in purchasing power in these regions is clear this year.Source: China crane machinery network

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