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Editor's note: large die-forging presses have important support for China's aviation, aerospace, ship, nuclear power, wind power, petroleum, chemical engineering and other key projects.Luo, a researcher at the Chinese international economic development research center of guest hundred hui pointed out that large forging machine is the production of aviation large die forgings, development, large-scale military equipment and other large civil equipment must be the basis of the equipment.China's economic construction and national defense construction must be based on the principle of self-reliance, and the development of aviation must be a forward-looking priority to develop large die-forging presses.

The important industrial status of large die forging press

Large die forging press is mainly used for hot die forging and isothermal superplastic forming for aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, high temperature alloy and powder alloy.The forging characteristic is through pressure, long the holding time, slow strain rate to improve the deformation of material density, to improve the comprehensive performance of forgings with refining material grain, improving the forging deformation uniformity, distorts the difficult material and complex structure forgings by isothermal forging and superplastic deformation to meet the design requirements, and can save material, 40% less machine manufactured or near net shape goals are met.Isothermal forging hydraulic press is the key equipment for the production of important forgings of aviation, aerospace, aerospace and other important machinery.

In order to improve the overall performance of aviation products, the proportion of large die forging parts and the size of single pieces are increasing.For the aircraft main bearing frame, beam and other integral components, the major aviation powers such as the United States, Russia, France and other major aviation countries adopt 4.5 ~ 75,000 tons of large die-forging presses for processing.And our country existing die forging press tonnage is small, relatively backward technology, box beam welding structure USES mostly die forgings such as aviation, unable to realize integration, can't fully satisfy the large aircraft to the requirement of comprehensive performance, reliability and life expectancy.

"Double" is China's large aviation one of the important production base of die forgings, has more than 30 years of experience in materials research and production, for China's aviation industry provides more than 40 airlines die forgings, product covers all domestic models.The investment of the construction of the large forging press construction projects, can solve the aviation industries large overall structure blank manufacturing bottleneck, promote digestion and absorption of large forging manufacturing technology and innovation, and create conditions for the development of China's large aircraft, at the same time satisfy the machinery manufacturing, oil, chemical industry, power and other civil industry demand for large forging product.The implementation of the project is of great strategic significance to change the passive situation of the large die-forging parts in China which depend on the import and control of the people and realize the independent manufacturing of large-scale die forging products.

Due to the high temperature alloy, high strength alloy steel and the rapid development and application of titanium alloy, and what we need in aviation, aerospace, nuclear industry the main component of large integral die forging and precision forging direction development, there are many originally need multi-way die forging products, because there is no means can only change to the casting or forging freely, or imported.China urgently needs work pressure to process the forging of such materials in large die-forging presses ranging from 5 ~ 80,000 tons.

According to the survey results, the production of black die forging can only meet about 60% of the national demand.The data counted only the demand for airlines and other defense industrial sectors.If the number of civilian industry in China is taken into account, the proportion of the data is smaller, and the supply and demand contradiction is more prominent.

Due to lack of equipment, the size of die forging is very poor, the machining of parts is large, the material utilization is low, and the cost is increased.For example, 1MJ of our country is equivalent to 40 thousand tons die forging press, which is the largest scale forging equipment in China.Its biggest disadvantage is the precision difference, the die life is low;Due to the lack of large pressure machines in our country, the equipment is often used in small generation, which is not safe, but also causes the increase of process fire, which causes the material to burn seriously and the internal quality of the forgings decreases.For example, the 30,000-ton die forging press of southwest aluminum is large and not suitable for concentrated load forging.As a last resort, it is necessary to produce concentrated load forgings, but it is very dangerous for the equipment and cannot be guaranteed for quality, so many aviation forgings have to be imported from abroad.

Boeing 747-787 and A320-380 titanium alloy gear, F - 16 aircraft fuselage titanium alloy frame, D - 10 aircraft bearing ring, 915 engine framework, Sue 27 ~ 33 large-scale titanium alloy parts, aircraft GT25000 ships with gas turbine diameter of 1.2 meters of turbine disk is on the large forging hydraulic press forging forming.Current ongoing # 11 engineering (included 11) localization of construction projects, engineering (annihilates 10) developed by 10 #, FWS - 10 engines, GT25000 type ships with gas turbine and are working on the "four generation machine" is related to national defense strength of the project, such as its supporting die forgings, needs to be on more than 70000 tons of hydraulic press forging forming.

2. The market prospect of large die-forging press is good, according to the survey and analysis, the annual demand of various products suitable for large die-forging presses is about 4 billion yuan.The construction of 80,000 tons of large scale press production line is about 50% of the total market share of various products, with an annual capacity of about 2 billion yuan.

1. Military and civilian aircraft need air forging

In November 2006, China aviation materials import and export corporation reached an agreement with Russian sukhoi aircraft manufacturing company to import 500 su-80gp regional jets, which are imported and assembled in China.This is, in fact, the Brazilian airline cooperation with Harbin aircraft industry companies in China to produce E145 aircraft, the French airbus A320 aircraft assembled in tianjin after the third assembly line transferred to China, most of the assembly line products from abroad.France's airbus has no more than 15 to 20 per cent of the A320 aircraft assembled in China.Currently, airbus has built the wings of the A320 series in xi 'an.Production doors in chengdu and xi 'an;In addition, we also produce the 11th floor beams, landing gear compartments, and the other components of the A320 series aircraft in chengdu.After the large die forging press, the domestic production of the assembly aircraft will be continuously improved.

The arj-21 turbofan feeder is a key project in the development of China's civil aircraft industry, and has the independent intellectual property rights and is also an important opportunity for the sustainable development of aviation industry in China.The new generation of regional passenger aircraft has 31 forgings.After the large die forging press, the localization rate of the arj-21 turbofan feeder and the quality of its engine will be improved.

The frame, beam, shaft, arm and pole of the flying leopard, 998 engineering, big transportation, J11, J10, JH7 and so on, all have a large number of large die forging parts which require large die-forging press to be produced.

2. Large wheel disk forgings for gas turbine

Light and heavy duty gas turbine as a naval surface ships with initiative, west-east gas booster station will use gas turbine, the petrochemical industry by using refinery exhaust smoke gas turbines needed for development, the current domestic use of turbine disk forgings are purchased from abroad, is a product of great market prospect.

3. Various engine blades

Steam turbines, gas turbines, smoke turbines, and aeroengines have a considerable number of blades.Only the domestic steam turbine, the steam turbine, the three 300,000 kilowatts of the steam turbine and the gas turbine, can be used to produce the final stage blades of large die forging press.

4. Large Marine die-forging products

Suitable for large die forging press, the production of Marine forgings are mainly large Marine diesel engine forgings, such as crankshaft, connecting rod, cylinder head, cross shaft and gear, etc., they are all large ships, which is the key transmission and mechanical parts.The free forging process is used to produce the "curved arm", the raw materials of raw materials are low in raw materials and the fiber structure is not reasonable, and the quality is not guaranteed.With large die forging press, the "crank arm" blank will greatly improve the efficiency of raw materials and production efficiency, and improve the performance of the cranks.

5. Power station and other large die forging parts

The generator protection ring is the part that is subjected to high stress and strong corrosive environment in the thermal power unit. The quality of the product is high and the manufacturing difficulty is large, and the domestic demand is mostly imported.With the rapid development of the power industry, the demand of high strength large generator rings with good corrosion resistance increases year by year.

High strength gear in driving device is widely used in various industries, such as engineering equipment with reducer, wind generator speeder large whole forging gear, big hook, such as cross axle, and other products also have a lot of demand.

Iii. Development prospect of large die forging press

The research and development of large die forging press must base on the principle of "I am the main", and carry out the technical route combining "production, learning and research", which is based on independent development;It is also important to adhere to the open technology strategy of "step by step introduction and use".By double, mechanical academy of sciences, central south university, tsinghua university, the west, yan big, big, Beijing hospital, northwest university, nanchang institute of aviation industry chain and other units jointly, the design of large forging press machine has light weight, body structure, the hydraulic system with high reliability and safety, electrical control system can automatic operation, according to the preset process curve and working condition of compressor on-line monitoring and other characteristics, embodies the most advanced technology in the world today.

In order to accelerate development, we have maintained a sound strategic partnership with the financial system while actively pursuing government policy support.The national development bank has awarded 3.5 billion yuan to projects including large die-forging presses, and other financial institutions have expressed their willingness to finance dual projects.All these provide a favorable guarantee for the start-up and operation of large die forging press.

In recent years, double surrounding product development and technical level, to a certain scale of technical innovation, make up for the deficiency of the ten years of technical renovation, but also laid a solid foundation for future development.The construction and production of large die forging press will greatly improve the international competitiveness and international visibility of China's equipment manufacturing industry.

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