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China's three gorges project "introduced, digested, assimilated and re-innovated" through the three gorges project, and the design and manufacture of large hydropower units in China has reached the advanced level of the world, according to a report to the media on October 10.According to introducing, the three gorges project successful implementation of the world's largest 700000 kilowatts of hydropower unit localization strategy, make the hydropower major equipment manufacturing industry in China with seven years to achieve the spanning development of 30 years.Before this, our country still does not have the manufacturing capacity of the hydropower unit with over 35 thousand kilowatts.

The initial design of the three gorges project has been installed with 32 units of 700,000 kw units, and 14 units of the left bank power station were put into operation in September 2005. The 12 units at the right bank were all generated at the end of October 2008.The new underground power station has been installed in the electromechanical installation stage.In the manufacture of the left bank power station unit, Harbin electric co., LTD., Oriental motor co., LTD., respectively, as VGS joint (composed of Canadian companies such as GE, Siemens of Germany), alstom group (consisting of France's alstom, Swiss companies such as ABB) of the subcontractor, accept the foreign technology transfer, joint design, cooperation between manufacturing.

Says yong-an li, general manager of the China three gorges corporation, in the right bank power station unit, there are 8 by the independent design, manufacture, installation, the electricity, the tepco assume their respective tasks, design and manufacturing of four domestic contracts share accounted for two-thirds of domestic manufacturing share of more than 70%.At present, the domestic units are in good condition, the energy characteristic and the stability performance have reached the international level.In August last year, the production of the three gorges project was made on the purchase and utilization of the three gorges hydropower station at the xiludu and xiangjiaba hydropower station in jinsha river, which further promoted the localization process of large-scale hydropower equipment.26 two purchasing power generating set all in the domestic manufacturing, and set a new world record for stand-alone capacity: xiluodu power station 18 units single capacity of 770000 kilowatts, xiangjiaba power station 8 sets of stand-alone capacity of 800000 kilowatts.Source: China industry news

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