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The equipment manufacturing industry is a strategic industry that provides technical equipment to various industries of the national economy. It is an important guarantee of industrial upgrading, technological progress and the centralized embodiment of national comprehensive strength.

The international financial crisis has affected the equipment manufacturing industry in China.In 2008, the total output value of equipment manufacturing industry and export growth rate of the equipment manufacturing industry was 8.6 and 15.2 percentage points respectively.

In order to revitalize the equipment manufacturing industry in China, the state council deliberated and approved the plan for the adjustment and revitalization of the equipment manufacturing industry on February 4.Premier wen jiabao in his government work report also specifically asked, to carry out independent research and development and government procurement system, major equipment domestic project focus on the development of major equipment, high technology equipment and high technology industries need equipment, improve the level of the equipment manufacturing industry integrated innovation and localization.

On the basis of this, "firm confidence, strengthen the manufacturing of equipment in China" has become the voice of the representatives and members of the equipment manufacturing industry who participated in the two sessions.

"The state is deeply concerned about the development of equipment manufacturing, and we have the responsibility and confidence to do the job well."Yan lijuan, NPC deputy, said, "the premier's report has confirmed our confidence.The industrial restructuring and revitalization plan is timely, which not only helps the industry to cope with the current crisis, but also lays a solid foundation for the long-term development of the industry.

Promoting independent innovation

According to the understanding, China's equipment manufacturing industry mainly has the problems of "strong processing ability, weak innovation ability", "strong ability of single machine manufacturing and weak system integration".

Around this issue, the restructuring plan and the government work report of the prime minister have raised hopes for the innovative capabilities of equipment manufacturers.The planning requirements will enhance the enterprise's independent innovation ability by increasing the investment in technical transformation, and greatly improve the basic matching and basic technology level.The prime minister also stressed in his government work report that the development of independent research and development of major equipment should be carried out in support of domestic reliance on engineering and government procurement.

"Independent innovation is the fundamental way to strengthen China's equipment manufacturing industry.""How to find opportunities in a crisis, the first job is to innovate," he said.Only innovation can achieve differentiated competition.

Perfect basic accessories

The key basic components are the "short board" of China's equipment manufacturing development.

"While our country can produce many large equipment, it has been unable to solve the problem of key parts, and some important parts have been imported for a long time."According to the representative of the technologist li bin, at least 70 percent of our industry profits are consumed by imported parts every year.To this end, the revitalization plan explicitly proposes to enhance the technical level of large forging parts, basic components, processing auxiliary tools, special raw materials and other supporting products, and consolidate the foundation of industrial development.

Yan lijuan's representative revealed that, while consolidating the core advantages of engineering machinery, through independent innovation, the core technology of key parts and components was breakthrough.

Strengthening talents training innovation requires talents.

In order to forge the innovation competitiveness of enterprises, mountain river machinery has built an innovation system of "pyramid" structure inside the enterprise."Our front-line workers are part of this r&d system.""Said he qinghua.

Yan lijuan's representative is deeply aware of this.During the two sessions, she brought forward Suggestions on cultivating innovative talents in the field of engineering machinery."Under the impact of the crisis, foreign enterprises have reduced their input, and domestic enterprises should seize the opportunities to actively attract outstanding foreign talent.""National policy support, but not let us simply expanding the scale of production, but we use this opportunity and increase the intensity of research and development, enhance the level of existing products and enhance our capacity for independent innovation.""If we can seize this opportunity, after the crisis, we will stand on the new high ground and on the new platform," said li bin, who is confident in the future of China's equipment industry.Source: China metallurgical machinery information network

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