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In February 2009, the major excavator production enterprises in China sold 8426 units, up 36.28% from the same period last year, and a year-on-year decline in the first four months.It was up 2.68 times from the previous month.From January to February, 10713 units were sold, up 5.88% year on year.The sharp improvement in February sales data is in line with our previous expectations.On the one hand, February was the Spring Festival, and in February this year, the total working day was a third more than last year.On the other hand, due to the Spring Festival factor, the seasonal peak of the year from march to may this year should be in February or April.

Domestic sales growth and exports continued to fall sharply

Even with the Spring Festival, excavator sales in February this year is also achieved positive growth over the previous year, and that the first four months of negative growth than obviously improved a lot, excavator sales into the seasonal peak.In terms of exports, the export sales in February were 108, down 75.2 per cent year on year, the fourth consecutive month of decline.Only 240 exports were exported in the first two months, a year-on-year decline of 70.8%.In February, excavator domestic sales volume of 8318, up 44.71% year on year, faster than the overall sales volume;The total sales volume was 10,473, up 12.54% year on year.But excavator exports account for only 2.24% of total sales, and the rapid decline in exports has little impact on overall sales.

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