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Equipment manufacturers want to get involved in nuclear power design and face the reality of the test: on the one hand, nuclear power enterprises have natural resistance;On the other hand, the design ability of the equipment manufacturing enterprises is obviously insufficient.


680 standard, which is the national energy administration released in the table of the pressurized water reactor nuclear power plant standards system project, the construction of nuclear power standard project Settings, almost covers all aspects of the nuclear power industry, also marks the nuclear power standards system in China has been basically completed.


National energy administration of energy conservation and technology equipment department director li zhi has once again stressed that the construction of nuclear power standard is to ensure that our country realizes the self-independence of nuclear power is an important work, having complete nuclear power standard system is our country have a complete system of nuclear power technology and independent innovation ability.With the establishment of the standardization technical committee of the nuclear power industry (hereinafter referred to as the "nuclear power standard technical committee"), the construction of nuclear power standards in China will accelerate further.


The China energy news reporter learns from the national energy administration, according to the national energy administration and the national standardization management committee released the pressurized water reactor nuclear power plant standard system construction plan, is currently in our country the first stage of the construction of nuclear power standard "three steps", this next year will be the national standards of nuclear power construction task heavier for two years.In accordance with the above plan, China will in 2015 basic standard formulation work needed to complete the three generations of PWR, standard system covers the second generation of advanced and comprehensive basic covers three generations of PWR nuclear power plant.


Industry consensus


According to the articles of association of the nuclear power standard JiWei (try out) ", the expression of nuclear power standard JiWei is composed of experts in the nuclear field standardization technology organizations, mainly for the nuclear power industry standard technology checks and technical consultation.According to the principles of scientific research, production and use, the national energy administration will plan, organize and manage the project.


The establishment of the nuclear scale JiWei integrate the power of the nuclear power industry in China, for the participation units cooperation and give full play to the role of the specialist has set up a platform for the important, so as to accelerate the process of the construction of nuclear power standard.


In nuclear power and economy indexes, for example, China's nuclear power engineering co., LTD., referring to introduce, director of engineering economy, before nuclear power standard established JiWei, different units and their respective organizations to carry out the standard work for nuclear power economic class, although each unit on the part of project to set up communication channels, have unified out of a set of standard of good will, but in control and some major issues, disagreement is still serious.The development and management of nuclear power economy has never been deadlocked.In early 2009, the national energy administration have mastered as economic class standard nuclear power construction fields facing reality, realized that if not in time to reverse this situation, economy class standard of advance will certainly struggling.


In June 2009, commissioned by the national energy administration institute of nuclear industry standardization organization China international engineering consulting companies in China, electric power planning and design institute, China's nuclear power engineering company, wide in nuclear engineering design co., LTD., the nuclear group of the nuclear industry institute of information economy and other domestic nuclear power economic professional unit with rich work experience, held a kick-off meeting for nuclear power economic class standards establishment work.Through this meeting, the relevant parties have removed estrangement, differences and misgivings, shelved disputes, formed synergy, and gathered consensus on the work of common coordination and rapid development of standards.


Equipment manufacturing enterprises take an important step


The standard system project table of the pressurized water reactor nuclear power plant set a total of 680 standards around the various aspects of standardized objects.Most of them are general and basic standards, engineering design standards and equipment standards, comprising 529 projects, while the rest are pre-work, construction, commissioning and operation standards.The most important task was the equipment standard, which accounted for 273 items.Nuclear power standard JiWei, as required by work, set up 10 professional, respectively: professional engineering economy, the prophase work for professional, radiation protection and nuclear emergency professional overall design, engineering and nuclear safety professional, nuclear fuel components for professional, instrument control electrical systems and equipment for professional, mechanical systems and equipment for professional, sussing out for professional and debugging for professional and professional operation.Each professional group shall have one team leader, one - two deputy leaders, and the relevant technical activities of the professional group, such as the standard review.


Mr. Li said the standard construction work involving equipment and materials used to be done by the nuclear design institute.This time, the special arrangement for relevant professional equipment manufacturing enterprises of the group leader, served as deputy team leader by nuclear power design institutes to cooperate, hope that through standards design capabilities to develop equipment manufacturing enterprises.


In fact, the equipment manufacturing industry has been looking forward to a chance to get involved in the design of nuclear power equipment, to change the position of the past in the nuclear power industry that can only be processed by drawing.According to industry insiders, all the nuclear power equipment manufacturing groups have set up or formed a new product development team to get involved in the design of nuclear power equipment.Among them, steam generators, internal components, control rod actuators, main pumps, main pipelines and nuclear island equipment design, etc."From the experience of the development of nuclear power in the UK, the United States, Japan and South Korea, the nuclear island design and manufacturing are integrated regardless of the nuclear regime."A person in the equipment manufacturing industry said.


However, the good wishes of the equipment manufacturers face the test of reality.On the one hand, nuclear power enterprises have a natural aversion to the field of nuclear power design."The question first is whether the existing division of labor has constrained the development of the nuclear industry.""Since there is no restriction, why change?" one nuclear industry insider told China energy news.On the other hand, the design ability of the equipment manufacturing enterprises is obviously insufficient.The main equipment manufacturers have been building the nuclear power design force since last year. At the beginning of the development, the goal of the integration of the design and manufacture of nuclear power equipment is still quite far away.Speaking of this, the energy conservation and technology supply division of the national energy administration also believes that some deficiencies in the equipment manufacturing enterprises have been found during the standard construction process.Equipment manufacturers must be aware that their current capabilities cannot meet the needs of nuclear design, and they need to undergo a scientific and long-term development process.


However, changing the status of the equipment manufacturing enterprise "to graph processing" has been recognized by the industry.According to li, the design and manufacturing of nuclear power industry in China has long been disconnected from the design of nuclear power plants and even the design of nuclear power plants.In the future, the design of nuclear power plants in China is still mainly carried out by the nuclear power design institute, and the equipment manufacturing enterprises must have the design ability of key nuclear power equipment.


The two most important years


The construction of nuclear power in China is mainly based on two generation of improved pressurized water reactors and three generations of imported technologies. Therefore, the main focus of nuclear power construction is the two technical routes.Published the pressurized water reactor nuclear power plant standard system construction plan is put forward, focusing on the construction of nuclear power standard system of China three generations of construction and operation in China's long-term goal, at this stage based on the formation of the second generation advanced units need standard as soon as possible.


According to the introduction, China has preliminarily formed the standard system of nuclear power, and developed nearly 400 nuclear power standards.The vast majority of these standards are nuclear island standards, and in the case of the conventional and BOP (nuclear power plant peripherals), conventional electricity standards and other general industrial standards are used.


National nuclear security administration, director-general of the department of nuclear safety liu hua in order to solve this situation, points out that the construction of the ci standards should combine more closely with nuclear standards, can be loosely strict link to yan on nuclear power, can be high to low is much higher."After all, nuclear power has its own particularity, and the problems that conventional plants can accept, even if it doesn't involve nuclear safety, can have a very bad social impact on nuclear power.""It is important to avoid the overall image of nuclear power in the construction of the conventional island," liu said.


The pressurized water reactor nuclear power plant construction of standard system planning "will be milestones identified as: in 2015, the basic standard formulation work needed to complete the three generations of PWR, standard system covers the second generation of advanced and comprehensive basic covers three generations of PWR nuclear power plant.


The goal will be completed in three phases, from 2009 to 2015, each two years.Among them, the first stage is the most important stage of the standard construction task, which requires the completion of most of the work of general and basic, pre-work, engineering design, and equipment, etc.In the second and third stage, the work is further improved and supplemented on the basis of the previous work, and the standard of the three generations of pressurized water reactors is basically completed in 2015.

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