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On January 8, 2011, directed by the ministry of industry and information technology, China, sponsored by the magazine of the equipment manufacturing industry newspaper "the first China high-end equipment industry development peak BBS" held in Beijing.From the ministry of industry and information technology, national energy administration and related association leadership, the equipment manufacturing industry enterprise, the equipment manufacturing industry, service enterprises, institutions of higher learning and nearly 300 experts and media representatives attended the BBS., honorary President of China machinery industry federation Liu Yansun opening, director-general of the department of the ministry of industry and information technology equipment industry a picture of wood, the national energy administration, energy conservation and technology equipment department director li zhi, the state council research office of the chief priests tang yuan respectively made a keynote speech.BBS is chaired by Chen wei, the President of China's industrial newspaper.


'high-end equipment manufacturing is characterized by high technology, high quality and high added value,' Mr. Lu said in the opening remarks.Developing high-end equipment manufacturing industry is the first to upgrade traditional manufacturing industry.Secondly, based on the existing manufacturing industry, the development of strategic emerging industries is supported by the development of high-end products.The third is to develop services and services.


Said a picture of wood, high-end equipment manufacturing industry is for the development of national economy and national defense construction to provide a strategic industry of high-end technology and equipment, has the intense technology, high added value, growth space is large, the outstanding characteristic such as being strong of leading role, is a high-end part of the equipment manufacturing industry and the core of the industrial chain link, high-end equipment manufacturing industry development level is a measure of national modernization degree and comprehensive national strength important symbol.Generally speaking, China has become a major equipment manufacturer, but it is not equipped to make great power.To become equipment manufacturing power, the main sign is to master the core technology of independent intellectual property rights, the varieties of the mainstream technology and equipment quality is a world leading position, has the strong ability of self-independence of major technical equipment, with high international high-end product market share.Therefore, developing high-end equipment manufacturing is an important way to transform the equipment industry from big to strong.


A picture of the wooden stressed that to achieve the development goals of the high-end equipment manufacturing industry, must, in accordance with the state council about accelerate the decision of the cultivating and developing strategic emerging industries "requirement, in at the same time, give play to the role of market allocation resources play a good role in promoting the government organization, guidance and, properly handle the relationship between the several aspects: one is the development of high-end equipment manufacturing industry and the relationship between traditional equipment manufacturing industry to upgrade;Second, the relationship between independent innovation and open cooperation;Third, the overall promotion and key areas across the development of the relationship;Fourth, the relationship between policy guidance and market promotion.


BBS agrees that the high-end equipment manufacturing industry must be an important engine to drive the upgrade of the entire equipment manufacturing industry, and it will also be an important support to promote the transformation and upgrading of the entire industry.It is an inevitable choice for innovation and endogenous growth that high-end equipment manufacturing is the key development and development of strategic emerging industries. It is the key measure for a long period of time.


BBS in the same period also hosted the "high-end equipment manufacturing enterprise leader BBS" and "BBS" equipment industry mainstream media BBS, two points from the equipment manufacturing industry, equipment manufacturing service enterprises and dozens of guests of the equipment manufacturing industry in the mainstream media have been conducted on the BBS.

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