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In 2011, the production and operation costs of equipment manufacturing, the difficulty of export, the pressure of excess capacity and the fierce internal competition have brought severe tests to the industry.Facing the new situation, insisting on independent innovation and equipment manufacturing enterprises, upgrade to high-end products, break through the key basic parts of the core technology, and began to extend to modern manufacturing services.In first year of "twelfth five-year", the equipment manufacturing industry not only to maintain the momentum of rapid growth, structural adjustment under pressure and speed obviously, booster industry continues to steady development, has become one of the highlights this year industry development.


The industry as a whole works well


In 2011, the machinery industry, which accounted for 80% of equipment manufacturing, maintained a relatively fast growth.In the first 10 months of this year, China's machinery industry output totaled 13.646.6 billion yuan, an increase of 25.93 percent year-on-year, according to the China machinery industry federation.From January to September, the main business income of the machinery industry was 118,42.3 billion yuan, up 26.16% year on year.Profits totaled 806 billion yuan, up 18.25 percent year on year.Of the 119 major products listed in the express, 105 products increased year-on-year.


Of the 12 industry segments of the machinery industry, especially engineering machinery growth is the fastest, the sales revenue of the construction machinery industry is expected to reach 400 billion yuan this year.As the most popular product in the engineering machinery industry, the total sales volume in the first nine months of this year was up to 83.4%.The sales of popular Chinese excavator manufacturers have been frequent.The reporter learned that xugong group established a production base in xuzhou's excavator industrial park and planned to produce 30,000 units.Liugong is also preparing the excavator manufacturing base in changzhou, jiangsu province.


"In the context of the obvious tightening of the domestic and foreign economic environment this year, the machinery industry has basically maintained a relatively fast growth momentum, which is not easy."Speaking at the 2011 machinery industry economic situation report, CAI jui, executive vice President of the China federation of machinery industry, said in a statement.


Although the pace of growth in the machinery industry has fallen monthly in the first 10 months of the year, it is expected to slow down in the final two months of the year.But Mr Tsai thinks the machinery industry is still expected to grow by double digits throughout the year.Among them, production and marketing growth is estimated at around 25%;Profit growth is expected to be around 16%;Export growth is expected to be around 24%, and imports and exports are expected to run a small surplus.


The product upgrades to the high end


While maintaining the fast growth, structural adjustment of the equipment manufacturing industry out orderly and speed obviously, one of the outstanding performance is to rely on independent innovation, the equipment manufacturing industry of technology products to the high-end upgraded significantly speed up the pace.


Taking the machine tool industry as an example, the output growth of CNC machine tool and CNC system is obviously faster than that of ordinary machine tools this year, and the numerical control rate is improved rapidly.In the first half of the year, the output of CNC cutting machine tools increased by 44.99% compared with the same period last year.According to zhou ji, President of the Chinese academy of engineering and director of the China society of mechanical engineering, the "numerical control upgrade" of China's mechanical products entered the best opportunity period.


It is also worth noting that this year, the pace of development of clean energy equipment and high-end instrumentation has accelerated.In the first 10 months of this year, the output of hydropower units increased by 27.24 percent year on year, while the output of thermal power units increased by 14.99%, and the proportion of thermal power units in the total output of power generation equipment decreased significantly.The development of high-end instrumentation is also strong, with the output growth rate of automation instruments increasing at 35%, which is much higher than the average growth rate of 25% in the instrument industry.The main business revenue margin of the high-end instrument industry is 10%, which is obviously higher than the average profit margin of the mechanical industry.


The upgrading of high-end products has been accelerated, and it has been made breakthroughs in the localization of some major equipment products.


At the end of may this year, China south locomotive high-power IGBT (insulated gate bipolar transistor, for composite full control voltage drive type power semiconductor devices) industrialization base foundation, marks China's first 8 inches IGBT chip production line project officially started.CSR has become the only enterprise in China that has mastered the complete industrial chain of IGBT "chip design - chip manufacturing - module packaging - system application", filling the gap in the domestic related technology field.


At the end of October this year, the heavy coal machine · tai-mine developed the world's most powerful 3000 kw electric traction shearer.It has fully independent intellectual property rights fully mechanized equipment, can be in 7.2 meters underground mining of coal seam, coal quantity of 4500 tons per hour, not only technical performance reached the world advanced level, and the price was only about two-thirds of the similar imported equipment.


On December 6 this year, the first 20 megawatt electric drive compressor in China was formally loaded by the shenyang blower group and used for the construction of "west-to-east" project in China.This key equipment achieves localization and is a major breakthrough in the design and manufacture of large centrifugal compressor in China, which fills the domestic gap and breaks the foreign monopoly of such products.


Key base parts have a breakthrough


At the end of November this year, the ministry of industry and information technology officially launched the 12th five-year plan for machinery basic components, basic manufacturing technology and basic materials industry.Mechanical components, basic manufacturing process and basic material is the foundation of the equipment manufacturing industry relies for survival and development, and its level directly decides the major equipment and host product performance, quality and reliability.The introduction of the "three basic" plan has become a major event in the equipment manufacturing industry this year, which has boosted industry confidence.


For a long time, in the engineering machinery industry there has been the "lock throat pain" of China's equipment manufacturing industry, and 70% of the profits are consumed by imported basic parts.After years of effort, the domestic bearings, gears, fasteners, mechanical components such as domestic market share of 65%, the average basic can independently solve the low-end products, high-end products are still dependent on imports.Especially after 2008, China's equipment manufacturing industry is the world's largest, and the integration capability of host and major equipment has improved significantly.The rapid development of high-end main engine makes the contradiction of the high-end "three base" products not keeping up with the supporting demand of the main engine, and becomes the bottleneck restricting the development of China's important equipment and high-end equipment.


To solve this problem, in 2009 countries the equipment manufacturing industry adjustment and revitalization of planning ", published in 2010 "mechanical parts industry revitalization plan", and issued the "sanki" planning at present."It can be seen that the state is attaching more and more importance to the mechanical basic industry, and the mechanical industry is shifting from heavy host to host and parts synchronously."Changsha bowen, director of China hydraulic pneumatic seal industry association, was particularly excited.


In policy guidance and support, sany heavy industry, xugong group, the equipment manufacturing industry leading enterprises such as liugong group begins a large number of investment and scientific research strength, actively carry out basic parts of research work.According to preliminary statistics, the funds invested in the hydraulic industry in the past three years were not less than 30 billion yuan, more than the total of the previous 11 "five-year plans", he told reporters.


The positive effects of the investment began to emerge this year.According to the data, the output of hydraulic components in China reached 186 million units in the january-november period, a year-on-year increase of 61.05%.At the same time, the key basic components of our country have been breaking new ground in many fields.The production process of high - end hydraulic parts is a new dawn.The high end pressure converter technology involved in the automation instrumentation industry has made substantial progress.Super high voltage ac and dc insulated sleeve and transformer outlet line, natural gas long transmission line and large scale thermal power and nuclear power plant valve, nuclear power plant with high end sealing parts also have great breakthrough.


The progress of the "three base" industry has provided important support and guarantee for the development of equipment manufacturing, which has brought confidence and hope to the future development of equipment manufacturing industry.Industry experts believe that the 12th five-year plan period is an important strategic opportunity period for China's equipment manufacturing industry to be greatly strengthened. It is of great importance to further enhance the innovation capacity of the "three key" industries.

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