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"The benefits of production and marketing have reached a new high, and the hidden worries highlight the need for caution."In China machinery industry federation held on February 25, 2010, the year the mechanical industrial economic operation situation at a news conference, the machine group executive vice President of Cai Weici concluded 2010 industry running characteristics and the current situation.

Conference, Cai Weici industry run six highlights are summarized and the existing six major concerns, and the industry trend has made the forecast: this year compared with the high-speed growth momentum in 2010 when the industry, industry operating rate will fall obviously, production and sales growth is estimated at around 15%, profit growth may be lower than growth in production and sales, import and export trade are likely to encourage imports under the pressure of the deficit once again.

Highlights and worries coexist

"2010 was a year of celebration in the development of the machinery industry."CAI said that the achievement of the overall growth of the machinery industry was a satisfactory period for the "eleventh five-year plan" and a better foundation for the "12th five-year plan".

To sum up the operating characteristics of the machinery industry in 2010, CAI has summed up the following six highlights: the continuous development of industrial scale and the rapid growth of total production and sales;Operating profit record high;Record of the scale of import and export trade;Industrial competitiveness and international status continue to improve;Investment in fixed assets has been greatly enhanced and production conditions have improved significantly.New progress was made in structural adjustment.

Meanwhile, Cai Weici reminder, at the same time of rapid growth, many not conducive to sustained and healthy development of industry concerns and contradictions are accumulated, and gradually become the bottleneck of further optimization of mechanical industry.CAI Keats summed up the six major concerns of the industry: one is that the independent innovation capacity of the industry is weak, which is insufficient to support the development of high-end equipment.Second, the basic technology, basic technology and basic component development lag, cannot adapt to the need of the host product upgrade;Third, the rapid rise of the RMB exchange rate and the impact of encouraging import policies have weakened the competitiveness of China's machinery industry, and the domestic high-end equipment market is in danger of being over-represented by foreign investors.Fourth, serious duplication of construction aggravates the contradiction between the oversupply of production capacity, and the vicious competition is becoming more and more serious.Fifth, some of the developed country's peers are suspicious of the rapid development of domestic industries, and the technology introduction of industry enterprises has become increasingly difficult.Sixth, the rapid increase of resources, environment and labor costs makes it more and more difficult to improve the business efficiency.

Double-digit growth in the sector is expected to remain

Regarding the situation of the development of machinery industry in 2011, CAI said that the favorable factors include: the order situation is better and the market conditions of steady growth are good.The policy environment of the 12th five-year plan is conducive to the development of the machinery industry.The machine industry service face is wide, the development space is large;The mechanical enterprise shall strengthen the inherent vitality of market changes.

In addition, the industry needs to face the adverse factors facing development.Apart from the many deep-seated contradictions mentioned above, this year, the economic operation of the machinery industry faces the following outstanding issues:

First, the yuan's bullish rate against the us dollar will continue to weaken the competitiveness of China's machinery industry's foreign trade.

Second, the impact of car demand cooling should not be underestimated.Tax incentives for car purchases and the cancellation of policies such as subsidies for the home and the replacement of cars and new purchases of new vehicles, such as Beijing, will affect car sales this year.

It is not easy for the economic indicators to achieve higher growth this year, which is a huge increase in the number of major economic indicators.

Four is the cost rise factor more.Financing costs rise, coal, electricity, oil and other production materials and the main raw materials, including steel, non-ferrous metal prices generally rise, labor costs rise obviously, these are for the industry to further increase the business benefit form this year a lot of pressure.

If 2010 of mechanical industry high-speed growth with strong restorative growth, then, mechanical industry economy this year will be on the basis of 2010 has quickly recovered to steady growth.Mr Tsai said that compared with the industry's super-fast growth in 2010, the mechanical industrial economy will be able to slow down significantly this year, but it is still expected to achieve double-digit growth.

Cai Weici stressed that 2011 is the start of the implementation of "twelfth five-year", the industry must adhere to the scientific outlook on development, implement "major high-end, innovation drive, solid foundation, two fusion, green first" development strategy, speed up the change of the pattern of economic development and industrial structure adjustment, to resolve the many deep-seated contradictions, which restrict the development of the industry for the development of the industry a new progress, for the "twelfth five-year" good start, a good step.

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