We deliver Hydraulic Cylinders to overseas countries

As ocean engineering booming rise, in the next five years, a new equipment construction and development of the high tide is coming, the equipment and facilities will be supporting China's offshore oil industry foundation and ocean energy industrial base to the world's highest.Therefore, in the future, with the promotion of ocean strategy, the orders of Marine engineering equipment stocks will increase rapidly, thus giving rise to the high growth prospects of the relevant individual stocks, and thus the strength of the stock price.At present, the ocean engineering equipment plate has obvious capital inflow, especially some stocks that have obtained the high-speed growth of deep-sea oil orders.The deep sea of the industry and the related stocks related to China's Marine engineering can also be actively tracked.


In addition, China's construction of a unified and strong smart grid will build a strong network structure, which requires a large number of transformers, switches and other equipment.With the implementation of the state grid corporation of strong smart grid planning, development, to the intelligent substation transformer substation equipment to upgrade for intelligent power equipment, secondary equipment becomes intelligent control unit, this is a revolutionary change, and smart meters and the boom of digital substation face higher, possess the core technology advantages and market advantages of enterprises will benefit from it.


To this, we believe that the benefits of investment in fixed assets of structural growth, machine to replace artificial effect, five-year thematic investment opportunities, special equipment industry in 2011 has structural investment opportunities, especially engineering and railway vehicle industry, Marine engineering equipment, and other smart devices DengZi industry will have a good investment opportunities.

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