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Due to the different development stages of the industrial sectors, the market environment and the maturity of the industrial chain are different, and the areas of strategic emerging industries are different.


In seven strategic emerging industries, new energy development momentum in recent years, more quickly, and this is dependent on the policy support, "the emerging energy industry development planning" cumulative increase directly involved in the investment of 5 trillion yuan;The next generation communication network, our country independent of the td-scdma LTE has been the international telecommunication union listed as one of the two candidate 4 g standard, this forecast in the era of 4 g in the our country international communications market has more say;The key to the future development of new energy vehicles lies in the promotion of industrialization and commercialization, the improvement of new energy vehicles through demonstration pilot work, and finally the growth of new energy vehicle sales.While the energy conservation and environmental protection industry continues to benefit from the national energy conservation and emission reduction policies, the industrial revenue scale of the next three years may be more than 40 percent composite growth.The market growth rate of the new material industry is expected to remain above 20 percent per year, and the market size of 2012 will exceed 130 billion yuan.The biological industry has the traditional development foundation and the new direction of emerging technology development in many fields, and the current stage of biological medicine, biological breeding and other subdivisions is very promising.In the high-end equipment manufacturing industry, aviation equipment, rail transit equipment will be the key breakthrough point.


From seven industry industry insiders said an exclusive interview with the China securities journal, policy of promoting strategic emerging industries has important guiding significance for enterprise development, is very bullish on emerging market opportunities brought by the industry, but for now, how to comb the existing policies and stepped up efforts to formulate new industrial policy has become a top priority, in addition, how to lead the good around, play a good motivation for the development of strategic emerging industries, to avoid "emerging industries" in the name of a low level repeated construction, and it is worthy of all parties to consider problem.


High-end equipment


We will become a pillar industry by 2020


The ministry of industry and information technology has made it clear that the sales value of high-end equipment accounts for more than 20% of the equipment manufacturing industry by 2015.By 2020, high-end equipment manufacturing will become the pillar industry of the national economy, with sales value accounting for more than 30 percent of the equipment manufacturing industry and more than 25 percent of high-end equipment domestic market.


Developing high-end equipment manufacturing industry, focusing on the development of aviation equipment mainly based on dry regional aircraft and general aircraft;Actively promote the development of space infrastructure and promote the development of satellite and its application industries;Relying on key engineering construction, such as passenger line and urban rail transit, to develop rail transport equipment;The development of Marine resources and the development of Marine engineering equipment;Strengthen the basic supporting capacity, actively develop the intelligent manufacturing equipment with the core of digitization, flexibility and system integration technology.


Next-generation information technology


The industrialization process drives demand explosion


Information technology is an important driving force for the economic and social development of the world, and the information industry has become the strategic, basic and leading pillar industry of China's comprehensive construction of a well-off society.The next generation of information technology industry mainly involves the next generation communication network, the Internet of things, the integration of the three networks, the new flat display, the high performance integrated circuit and the high-end software.


In terms of the next generation communication network, China mobile's td-scdma LTE has been the international telecommunication union listed as one of the two candidate 4 g standard, this forecast in the era of 4 g in the our country international communications market has more say.At the same time, the independent research and development in China of the td-scdma 3 g standard WCDMA business, domestic communication equipment, datang, huawei, zte, etc. All the relevant experience, it is 4 g era of domestic communications industry development laid a solid foundation.


In terms of the Internet of things, the push the government is the policy level, jiangsu, Beijing, sichuan, Shanghai and other provinces and cities have issued the policy support, the Internet of things under the push of government, is gradually explore technological breakthroughs and commercialization process.Industry analysis, domestic enterprises in upstream sensors and chips are stepping up the attack, once the technological breakthrough, future market prospects look good.


In respect of triple play, early radio and television and telecommunications will be given priority to with basic network construction, the real business integration still needs the breakthrough in the policy level, downstream of the content providers also difficult to benefit for the time being.


New flat display industry, the domestic enterprises represented by boe panel is catching up, with the domestic independent 8.5 generation of line in the second half of this year, domestic enterprises in the new flat display industry will completely break the foreign technology blockade.


In terms of high-end integrated circuits and high-end software, domestic enterprises are more of a breakthrough in the industry application level, and the breakthroughs in core technologies still require considerable time.


The new material

The market will be over 130 billion yuan next year


In the seven strategic emerging industries, the new material is the leading industry of the national economy, which is an indispensable key material for industrial upgrading and high-end equipment industry.According to estimates, China's new materials industry in the future market growth rate will continue to remain above 20%, the size of the market will be more than 130 billion yuan in 2012, is one of the most growth vigor and investment opportunities.


With vague concept of the new material, new material such as the ministry of science and technology includes frontier technology, strategic emerging industries, transformation and upgrading of key industries, the state council put forward the strategic emerging industries in some new material belongs to the ministry of science and technology of the definition of strategic emerging industries such as rare earth functional materials, some belong to the transformation and upgrading of key industries such as high quality special steel.


Industry experts believe that new materials should refer to materials that are newly emerging or in development, with excellent performance and special functions that are not available in traditional materials;Or adopt new technology to make the performance of traditional materials significantly improve or produce new functional materials.It is generally believed that some of the key materials needed to meet the development of high-tech industries also belong to the category of new materials.


According to the direction of the policy name, China's new material development focus will be carried out in five directions during the 12th five-year plan period, which is the direction of modern transportation.Efficient clean energy direction;The direction of environmental resources;The direction of the people's livelihood;The direction of defense.Among them, new energy materials can focus on rare earth materials and lithium battery materials;Energy conservation and environmental protection materials can focus on purification materials;New chemical materials can focus on high performance fiber and so on.


Energy conservation and environmental protection


The market is expected to grow by over 40% a year


Since 2010, China has introduced policies on energy conservation and emission reduction, and supported the top ten major energy conservation projects and pollution control projects.The industry is expected to promote energy efficient and efficient products and support the key projects of energy conservation and emission reduction.According to the calculation, in the next three years, the income scale of the domestic energy saving industry will be more than 40 percent compound growth.


Great Wall securities believes that China's energy conservation science and technology roadmap mainly has the following three directions: energy conservation, technology and energy conservation.At present, China is still in the primary stage of structural energy conservation, namely, the closure of backward production capacity of high-energy-consuming enterprises, the reduction of regional flattening of energy consumption and energy consumption.The direct effect is that non-fossil energy accounts for a significant increase in the proportion of energy consumption.


According to the plan, China's non-fossil energy consumption will account for about 11 percent of China's total energy consumption by the end of the 12th five-year plan.This calls for greater use of new and renewable energy sources such as advanced nuclear, wind, solar, biomass, geothermal and unconventional gas.It is foreseeable that during the 12th five-year plan period, non-fossil energy development and carbon emission reduction will be launched on a large scale.


At that time, the non-water renewable energy utilization will reach 110 million tons of standard coal, which will increase by 1.8 percentage points.This means that technology, equipment, products and resources associated with energy conservation will have great market space.

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