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National energy administration of renewable energy and new energy department deputy director Shi Lishan said when accepting a reporter to interview recently, sum up the experiences of wind power development and the future will no longer blindly development of large-scale wind power base in our country, also encourage decentralized development.


Since 2005, China's wind power has doubled in five consecutive years.By the end of 2010, China had installed 16 million kilowatts of wind power and installed a total installed capacity of 418.27 million kilowatts, surpassing the United States for the first time.However, in this "great leap forward", investment overheated, excess capacity and quality problems gradually emerged, becoming a hindrance to further development of wind power industry.


"Everybody ran to the northeast of Inner Mongolia to investment, local governments get rich quick, on the layout and technical progress of the property is not suitable, wind power technology progress very fast, must maintain a mature technology to control the reasonable development space, can't develop so fast.""Said shi.


He made clear that, on the wind direction, the past called for a big base into the power grid to promote wind power scale development, but more hope on this basis, the current support resources not rich regions, such as yunnan, anhui, hubei, hunan, shandong, shanxi, chongqing, guizhou, Tibet and sichuan, etc, low wind speed wind farm development, advocating decentralized development."It's not a contradiction. It's two legs."


In the development model, future wind power will be more scientific and refined.In the past, all the fans of a power plant were the same, and now it's time to customize the local terrain to make effective use of the resources.In the past, the development of the industry supported wind power manufacturing enterprises, so the emphasis was placed on the requirements of the grid, and now the focus has been changed to raise higher requirements for the operation of wind power plants."The wind farm is not easy to build in the future, and it has to be forecast for 24 hours a day to forecast electricity generation tomorrow to facilitate grid scheduling."


In addition, he also said that offshore wind is the tide of international energy development, China's wind power of the future development focus, and China's offshore wind resources, from the technology, equipment manufacturing and construction also has basically has the capability to develop, but because it is a new thing also has many problems to be solved, in practice need further unified understanding, strengthen with other industries, the running-in between regions and other departments.

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