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Since the 16th congress of the communist party of China proposed to take a new road of industrialization, China has set off a craze for the new road of industrialization in China.The share of industrial added value rose from 44.8% of GDP in 2002 to 46.8% in 2011.


As the basic and strategic industry of China's national economy, the mechanical industry has embarked on a fast lane in ten years.In good macro environment and related policies and measures, the overall strength of mechanical industry get a boost: industry high-speed expansion, industry development quality enhances unceasingly, the rising international status, the independent innovation continuously made new achievements.Although the world economic situation is still grim and complicated, China's mechanical industry has become more and more extensive.


Scale and quality fly


Since the 16th national congress, the state council issued by continuous several opinions and accelerate the development of the equipment manufacturing industry of automobile industry, equipment manufacturing industry, adjust the revitalization planning under the powerful policy support and measures to guarantee, the development of China's machinery industry on a fast track.


The most obvious is the rapid development of the mechanical industry.From 2002 to 2011, the total output value of China's machinery industry increased from 1.86 trillion yuan to 16.89 trillion yuan, and the industrial scale grew by nearly 10 times, with an average annual growth rate of 25%.The number of enterprises in the machinery industry increased from 3.26 million to 107, 000, and the number of employees increased from 8.53 million to 17.44 million.In 2009, although the machinery industry experienced the economic crisis, but still achieved the total output value exceeded 10 trillion yuan crossing.


At the same time, the quality of mechanical industry is improving.In 2011, China's machinery industry added 4.3 trillion yuan, about 10 times as much as ten years ago.The output value of new products in the industry rose nearly three times from 707.9 billion yuan in 2005 to 2.72 trillion yuan in 2010.Profits were 1.2 trillion yuan in 2011, 12 times that of 2002.


In particular, we need to mention that China's environmental protection equipment technology has improved significantly.Since the outline of the eleventh five-year plan in 2006, the first time to make energy conservation and emission reduction a binding target, a group of environmental protection technology equipment with independent intellectual property rights have made a breakthrough.Some key generic technologies, such as incinerator, waste incineration, sludge drying, and urban sewage treatment plant, have been industrialized.The technology of industrial wastewater treatment and dust removal and dust removal has reached the international advanced level and has been applied in the field of environmental pollution control.Technological equipment such as desulphurization gradually occupies the main position of domestic desulfurization market.The technology of dust removal and bag dust is one of the highest in the world.


With the expansion of scale and the improvement of quality, mechanical industry has become more and more prominent in the world.According to the product sales, in 1998 China machinery industrial products sales in the international industry in fifth (after the United States, Japanese, German, France), to the second (after Japan) in 2008, into the ranks first in 2009.In the past ten years, a large number of mechanical products have led the world, and the generation of power equipment has achieved super-fast growth for many years, producing more than 100 million kilowatts per year for five years, accounting for about 50% of world output.In 2010, the number of CNC machine tools was over 220,000, 15 times that of 2000.The machine tool industry ranked first in the world with $15.3 billion in output in 2009.In addition, agricultural machinery, motorcycle, internal combustion engine, loader, automobile crane, bearing and other products are among the best in the world.


Among them, the export of mechanical products is an important contribution to the international status of China's equipment industry.Since entering the 21st century, China's mechanical product quality and technology gap with the international level has greatly narrowed, some products have strong market competitiveness, China mechanical products export to obtain rapid development, especially after joined the wto in 2002, great changes have taken place in China mechanical products export trade.In 2011, the export of machinery and industrial exports was $321.8 billion, seven times the $44.1 billion in 2002.In 2006, the import and export of machinery products in China first appeared in trade surplus, ending the deficit situation of the founding of China.In 2008, China's machinery industry trade surplus was $47.7 billion, the highest level in history.


During this period, a number of backbone enterprises aimed at business opportunities and took a favorable position on the global stage.In 2008, zoomlion bought CIFA in Italy, and then xugong, sany, liugong, xugong and yamanaku successively invested in factories around the world, forming an international marketing network.Innovation and challenge coexist


It can be said that independent innovation is the biggest bright spot in the rapid development of the machinery industry.Over the past ten years, through independent innovation, the mechanical industry has mastered a number of key technologies, which have improved the technical level and the complete set of capabilities.Through the technological transformation of a large number of key backbone mechanical enterprises, the overall technical level of the industry has been greatly improved, and the need for the major engineering construction of the country has been met.


A decade ago, foreign brands to control the large machinery market in China, now, mechanical industry science and technology innovation in our country has a large number of landmark achievements -- 80 meters carbon boom pump truck, 1000 tons crawler crane, 1000 tons of all terrain crane, 5200 tons of rice tower, 5200 - horsepower bulldozer, 46 ton forklift, 11.22 meters in diameter slurry balance shield construction machine, 6 mw, 700000 mw mixed-flow hydro-turbine governing system of wind turbines, uhv ac/dc power transmission and transformation equipment, 20 megawatt electric displacement compressor, the third generation of nuclear evaporator support, complete equipment of high-speed trains, hybrid excavator and large spin dig drill, excavators, loaders, grader, and other products have reached the world advanced level, firmly occupy the dominant market, meet the demands of the domestic construction.


According to the data, the self-sufficiency rate of mechanical equipment was 77 percent in the "15" period and more than 80 percent in 2007. In 2009, it was promoted to 85 percent by various factors.The contribution rate of the machinery industry to the total industrial output of the whole nation reached 22.29 percent.The domestic share of installed wind power equipment jumped from 10 per cent in 2004 to 90 per cent in 2010.The proportion of supercritical and supercritical units in thermal power plants increased from 29.42% in 2006 to 52.18% in 2010, and gradually became the dominant product of power generation equipment.


The innovation of products cannot be separated from the investment of research funds.Never completely statistics, in 2004 China's machinery industry enterprises in science and technology activity funds of 60.083 billion yuan, rose to 175.362 billion yuan in 2008, four years, nearly three times in the inexhaustible power for machinery industry independent innovation.The "China machinery industry science and technology award" has awarded nearly 3,000 outstanding achievements in the past 10 years.


In addition to the great achievements of technological innovation, the construction of the innovation and innovation system of science and technology has continued to advance in the past decade.As of 2011, China approved 172 projects in the construction industry engineering center and industry key laboratory, including 87 engineering centers and 85 key laboratories.95 are now running through acceptance inspection;The total investment in construction is about 6.34 billion yuan, with a new construction area of 694 thousand square meters and over 4,100 new equipment and equipment.In 2011, there were six new industrial engineering centers and key laboratories.The construction of these engineering centers and key laboratories is of great significance to improve the research and development conditions of the mechanical industry and improve the ability of independent innovation.


While gratifying results have been achieved, we should also be aware of the relatively weak capacity of China's machinery industry to innovate in its own capacity compared with the mature industrial system in developed countries.A considerable number of new products and technologies are still inseparable from seeking foreign partners. The original innovation capability is not strong enough to bear the heavy burden of supporting the technical upgrading of the whole industry and building a powerful country.Weakness of basic research, basic technology, materials and key components development lags behind, in recent years, the core infrastructure components, large castings and forgings and automation equipment development, despite significant progress, but compared to the host and the development of complete sets of equipment is still lagging behind, many key accessories, large, precision and high efficiency equipment imports;The cultivation of independent brands still has to be strengthened, and the user awareness needs to be improved.In addition, the development of mechanical industry in our country still is more extensive, mechanical industry itself did not completely solve structural contradictions and problems, some even as the economy continued rapid growth and further accumulation and tend to be sharp.


Faced with a new round of global economic restructuring, the task of the future development of the machinery industry remains daunting.As the high-end equipment manufacturing, new energy vehicles and other strategic emerging industries in succession planning and the country's 12th five-year plan, and the eighteenth big meeting, and we believe that China's machinery industry will usher in a new round of development, in the near future, machinery industry will really achieve the historic leap "by the big teams".


A number of key enterprises occupy a favorable position on the global stage.In 2008, zoomlion bought CIFA in Italy, and then xugong, sany, liugong, xugong and yamanaku successively invested in factories around the world, forming an international marketing network.

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