We deliver Hydraulic Cylinders to overseas countries

Xinhuanet tianjin March 7 (reporter Mao Zhenhua) 7, in tianjin at the 9th China (tianjin) international equipment manufacturing industry expo, a number of industry experts and exhibitors said that lack of high-end technology has become the biggest obstacle to China's equipment manufacturing industry development, industry to accelerate the low-end production out, nurturing local core technology of competitive advantage.


Zhang xushan, general manager of the exhibition group, told reporters that the expo attracted more than 1,200 equipment manufacturers from more than 20 countries and regions.Many exhibitors said that since this year, the equipment manufacturing industry change before the downturn in the market for two years, raw material prices relatively stable, the domestic and foreign market demand has increased steadily, and growth is concentrated in the high-end field.


Exhibitors Chai Yangjie CNC equipment group sales manager, said the mid-range industry market demand showed a trend of obvious excess in recent years, supply exceeds demand, exports are 30% to 40% decline, but high-end manufacturing prospects are good.


According to China's ministry of industry and information technology of the high-end equipment manufacturing industry "twelfth five-year" development planning, by 2015, China's high-end equipment manufacturing industry sales revenue to more than $6 trillion, through 10 years of effort, basic grasp the key core technology, high-end equipment manufacturing industry competitiveness into the world advanced level.


"Low-end capacity in the industry still accounts for more than half."As the industry does not set a high enough threshold, there is still a lot of low levels of reduplication, said ren daoguan, a business manager at zhongshan octopus machinery manufacturing co., LTD.


'these high-end products are imported from countries such as Europe, the United States, Japan and other countries,' said dong jianfeng, project manager of tianjin shuo welding research technology co., LTD.Dong zhonglong, regional manager of nanyang international trade (Shanghai) co., LTD., a Japanese company, has the same feeling: "high-end products are selling well, but the core technologies are almost all foreign.If the status quo cannot be changed, the prosperity of the industry will not have much to do with domestic enterprises.


Proposals in China during the two sessions this year, the Chinese people's political consultative conference committee, deputy director of the China machinery industry federation President rui-xiang wang said, by introducing advanced technology, high-end products is still rely on the import equipment manufacturing industry face the harsh reality of China.Among them, 90% of high-grade CNC machine tool imports, nc system 95% import.The CPPCC national committee, the China machinery industry group co., LTD., chairman of Ren Hongbin also believes that the current to be countries adopt certain investment and policy support, the raising level of high-end equipment manufacturing industry development.


Li weihua, chairman of the anhui federation of industry and commerce, has suggested that the technology innovation of equipment manufacturing should be promoted in order to enhance the added value of products.We will give subsidies for research grants to the alliance of substantive production and research and research, and promote enterprises to strengthen the combination of horizontal technologies and improve the research and development capabilities of key technologies in the industry.We should strengthen the optimization and integration of equipment manufacturing, so that enterprises should form synergy between complementary strengths and support each other, and accelerate the merger, consolidation and restructuring of various equipment manufacturers.

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