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The latest analysis by the China environmental machinery industry association highlights the current strategic opportunity period for the environmental equipment industry, which is expected to grow by more than 25 per cent in 2013.

It is understood that in 2012, under the dual role of national policy support and market demand, the economy of environmental protection equipment manufacturing was in good condition and maintained steady growth rate and profit margin.According to the report, 2012, 1063 environmental protection equipment manufacturing enterprises into the statistical caliber (including special equipment manufacturing environmental protection and environmental monitoring dedicated instrumentation manufacturing) industrial GDP and industrial sales output value is 191.379 billion yuan and 187.947 billion yuan respectively, gross value of industrial output grew by 19.46% year on year, sales value increased by 19.58%.


In terms of investment, the total amount of new fixed assets reached 46.857 billion yuan last year, a year-on-year increase of 78.48%.In terms of source of funds, the state budget included 1.86 billion yuan, 1.551 billion yuan of domestic loans, 8.67 billion yuan of foreign investment and 66427 billion yuan of self-raised funds, while other sources of funds were 16.88 billion yuan.


The report argues that the economic performance of the industry in recent years has highlighted the strong tendency of environmental equipment manufacturing policies and strong anti-risk ability."18" included construction of ecological civilization in the future work of one of the five key, is expected in 2013 will have a series of support the development of the environmental protection industry policy entered the implementation stage, period of strategic opportunities highlight environmental protection equipment industry, the industry growth rate is expected to more than 25%.

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