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Ministry of industry and information technology recently published the first in line with the conditions of the steel industry norms of 45 companies, partial announcement and says it will conform to the standard conditions of enterprises, strive for the "twelfth five-year" will be around 80% at the end of the current steel production capacity in to standardize management category.


The ministry of industry and information technology recently announced the first batch of 45 enterprises that met the specifications of the steel industry.The 45 steel companies in 2012, total output 300 million tons, accounting for 41.4% of national crude steel production, including state-owned companies such as baosteel, anshan iron and steel, wuhan, also including shagang, square steel and other private enterprises.


It is understood that the steel industry has not been fundamentally reversed in the past decade, while meeting the needs of the national economy.The problems of unordered expansion of capacity, low concentration of industry, weak resource protection, vicious market competition, and environmental pressure are becoming more and more obvious.In order to increase the intensity of iron and steel industry energy conservation and emissions reduction, speed up the strength of the steel industry structure adjustment, in June 2010 YueGong ministry formulated the "standard conditions", in September, 2012, in order to meet the new change, industry development on the revision and implementation since October 1, 2012.


How will the list of companies in accordance with the specifications of the standard conditions affect China's steel industry?The reporter interviewed the deputy director of the department of raw materials and industry of the ministry of industry and information.


The current management method does not meet the industry development requirements


Reporter: what are the main problems in the current steel industry management?


MiaoZhiMin: more than ten years, constantly expanding, total iron and steel industry with the development of national economy at the same time of meet the demand of national economic construction, extensive mode of development have no fundamental change.


From the perspective of industry management, one is that the current management method does not meet the industry development requirements.In recent years, the steel industry management relies mainly on the administrative examination and approval, but under the huge market demand, the enterprise more attention scale expansion, the steel production capacity rising year by year, up to about 1 billion tons, 2012 years by means of administrative examination and approval strictly control capacity to little effect.


Second, the steel industry is the focus of investment everywhere.Due to lack of unified planning, the layout is chaotic, and capacity is blindly expanding.


Third, the unfair competition market environment created the industry chaos.Different regions and different enterprises in environmental protection, quality, tax and other aspects of implementation standards are not uniform, lack of fair competition market environment.Fully regulate the steel industry


Reporter: why do we have to set standard conditions?


MiaoZhiMin: by existing management method cannot blind pipe to the iron and steel industry development, in order to links up with current policy, planning and standards, to adapt to the actual development level of iron and steel industry in our country, in 2010 the ministry formulated the "standard conditions", in September, 2012, in order to meet the new change, industry development on the revision, since October 1, 2012.


Reporter: what is the content setting of the specification?


Miao zhimin: the code of specification mainly follows the following principles in the preparation process: first, it is in line with the current national laws and regulations, industrial policies and planning;Second, meet the relevant technical standards and regulations of the steel industry;Third, fully consider the current development level of China's steel industry;Fourth, focus on practicality and operability;Five is the index that is difficult to quantify, give clear limitation or explanation.


The specification requirements mainly from 6 aspects:


In terms of product quality, steel enterprises should be required to have a complete quality management system. The quality of products conforms to national and industry standards, and no major product quality accidents have occurred in two years.


In terms of environmental protection, for iron and steel enterprises must possess sound environmental protection management system, supporting the necessary pollution control facilities, in two years, there was no significant environmental pollution accident or major ecological destruction event, etc.;


In terms of energy consumption and comprehensive utilization of resources, steel enterprises should be required to have a sound energy management system, and qualified enterprises should establish energy management center.


In terms of technology and equipment, mainly from the smelting process, the coke oven, sinter machine and pellet shaft furnace volume or nominal capacity of regulation, at the same time of backward technology and equipment are required to clear out;


In terms of production scale, we clear according to enterprises actual crude steel production in 2010 approved the scale of production, in order to prevent the enterprises to meet the conditions and the expansion of the scale of pure pursuit, then aggravate the disorder of steel production capacity growth.


In terms of safety, health and social responsibility, mainly on the basis of the production safety law and other relevant state laws and regulations of safe production and occupational hazard prevention and control, department regulations and standards, enterprises must assume due shall pay taxes according to law, employee compensation and benefits such as social responsibility.We will incorporate 80% of existing steel capacity into the standard management category


Reporter: what are the goals and functions of the specification?


Miao's people: aim for the end of the 12th five-year plan, which will incorporate 80% of existing steel capacity into the standard management category.Meet the conditions for the specification, we jointly with relevant departments to support the development, promote cross-regional merger and reorganization, cross ownership and region, the implementation of enterprise technical innovation, optimize the industrial structure and regional layout, structural adjustment and transformation and upgrading.Does not satisfy the conditions for the specification of the enterprise, we jointly with the departments concerned, the integrated use of the difference of electricity, fiscal incentives, assessment and accountability, and other economic means, legal means and necessary administrative means, gradually reduce its living space, forced out of the market to resolve the excess capacity.


Reporter: how is the implementation of the specification?


Miao people: the regulation condition was released, and was widely recognized by the industry.The 19 provincial (district, city) and three central enterprises submitted applications for the report of 104 enterprises, which produced 387 million tons of crude steel in 2010, accounting for 60.7 percent of the country's crude steel output.Among them, 82 members of the iron and steel association and 22 non-member enterprises.Jiangsu, shandong, liaoning, tianjin, shanxi, henan, hubei, etc., all the major steel producing areas in the country are actively organizing the declaration.In the absence of declaration, the conditions of the enterprise are not met.


After the procedure of preliminary examination and review, we determined the list of the first 45 steel enterprises that met the specifications.Together, the 45 companies produced about 300m tonnes of crude steel in 2012, about 41.4 per cent of the country's crude steel output.Among them, there are 30 state-owned enterprises, including 3 state-owned enterprises, and 15 private enterprises.


Work we will continue to steadily promote the iron and steel enterprise specification, for this year's announcement 1-2 group of iron and steel enterprises conform to "standard conditions" list, and according to the industry development needs, timely revision consummates "standard conditions".We will implement dynamic management of the steel enterprises listed in our department and strengthen the supervision of the industry.Aiming at the end of the 12th five-year plan, we will promote and implement the rules and conditions in order to carry out a comprehensive specification for China's steel industry.

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