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"China is a big manufacturing country, but it is not a manufacturing power."The cliche almost becomes the opening line for every speaker.So where is the leader in the journey of great powers?At the "2013 advanced manufacturing conference" held on March 29, experts at the conference voted unanimously to give "advanced manufacturing".


Zhu sen, special adviser of China machinery industry federation, stressed that advanced manufacturing industry is an important approach to China's manufacturing transformation and upgrading, and will become the leading force for China's participation in international competition.


At the meeting, deputy director of the ministry of industry and information technology, wang weiming, on behalf of vice minister of the ministry of industry, made an in-depth analysis of the domestic and international situation of China's manufacturing industry.He stressed that in the face of future development and global competition, we should formulate guidelines and technology roadmap for industrial development, and guide the healthy development of the industry, especially the emerging advanced manufacturing industry.


Seize strategic opportunities to lead the industrial revolution


Joothan first define advanced manufacturing industry: it is constantly absorbing information, machinery, materials, and modern management of high and new technology, and the integrated application of advanced technology in the manufacture of each link and the whole process, to achieve high quality, high efficiency, low consumption, clean, flexible production, so as to achieve good economic and social and market benefit of manufacturing.


If we use three words to describe the importance and urgency of China's development of advanced manufacturing industry, the first is that it is imperative, urgent and far-reaching.


At present, the continuous development of China's manufacturing industry faces many problems.For example, the restriction of resource environment is outstanding, the industry is weak, the industrial technology innovation capacity is weak, the task of industrial structure adjustment is very difficult, and the transformation of development mode is very difficult.It is imperative to accelerate the development of advanced manufacturing industries by making the transition from a manufacturing power to a manufacturing powerhouse.


With the end of the labor dividend of China's manufacturing industry, many developing countries have accepted many transferred industries, which have challenged our manufacturing industry.The United States and other industrialized countries could lead a new round of industrial revolution that would give it a manufacturing edge.In order to keep our manufacturing industry from falling into the "before we have a siege" situation, it is urgent to accelerate the development of advanced manufacturing industries.


To be sure, the advanced manufacturing industry is the development direction of manufacturing industry, the development of advanced manufacturing industry will make our country may play an important role in the third industrial revolution, will lead our country out of a new way to development, manufacturing will greatly supporting the national economic development and national defense construction, speed up the development of advanced manufacturing industry far-reaching influence.


Based on the comprehensive analysis of the domestic and international situation of China's manufacturing industry, wang wei Ming pointed out that international industrial adjustment and new technological revolution are advancing from the international perspective.A new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial revolution is taking place, and the competition between technology and industry is becoming increasingly fierce.China must follow the process of the third industrial revolution and, on the basis of existing industries, achieve catch-up and development in key areas and narrow the gap with the international advanced level.At the same time, with the accelerated rise of industrialized countries and emerging economies, the pattern of world industrial development will be deeply adjusted.The global demand structure will undergo profound changes, and the international market environment and governance structure will be more complicated.


From the domestic perspective, China is at the critical stage of accelerating the transition to the later stage of industrialization.Manufacturing is entering a new phase, a new turning point.The rapid growth is unsustainable, the medium-speed development will become the norm, and the deep-seated contradictions accumulated over the long term will form a mechanism for pushing back the manufacturing industry to a new stage that must be transformed and upgraded.At the same time, the basic factors that underpin China's manufacturing development have not changed, and some positive conditions and favorable factors are emerging.It can be believed that China's manufacturing industry is facing the strategic opportunity of transformation and upgrading.


"Advanced manufacturing will become the leading force for China's participation in international competition."In the view of zhu sen, China's advanced manufacturing industry has a certain basis, but compared with the advanced level of the United States and other countries.If the strategy is correct, the measures are effective and the collaborative innovation is realized, the advanced manufacturing industry in China will have a great development and lead in some areas after twenty years of efforts.


We will strengthen the core technology of top-level design


Experts at the conference believe that the development of advanced manufacturing industry should firstly strengthen the top-level design, so that the development of advanced manufacturing industry will rise to national strategy.


At the policy level, the party congress has put forward new requirements for advanced manufacturing.Wang wei Ming stressed that to understand and grasp the new requirements, accelerate industrial transformation and upgrading and promote the healthy development of advanced manufacturing industries.We should fully understand the importance of developing the real economy in the core of advanced manufacturing and consolidate the foundation for sustained and sound economic and social development.To grasp the relationship between stable growth and structural adjustment, the focus of macro-control should be more focused on optimizing structure and upgrading.


Wang said that in the coming days, we should focus on five tasks and tasks in order to speed up the strategic deployment of manufacturing transformation and upgrading.First, accelerate the implementation of innovation-driven development strategy.We will coordinate the top-level design of advanced manufacturing development, and strengthen key technologies and common technologies.Second, we will vigorously promote the upgrading of traditional industries.Stick to transform traditional industries by using information technology and advanced applicable technology, deepen the integrated application of information technology in industries, improve the research and development design, production process, production equipment, operation and management informatization level, improve the ability of the traditional industry innovation and development.Third, we will accelerate the healthy development of strategic emerging industries.To strengthen the overall planning and implementation of the national science and technology major projects, focus on high-end equipment, system software, the key breakthrough in key areas such as material of key core technology, to improve the key basic parts, basic technology, basic material, basic manufacturing equipment research and development and system integration level.Fourth, actively promote the low-carbon development of industrial green cycle.We will improve the mechanism for encouraging restraint, explore new models of green development, accelerate the building of a resource-conserving and environment-friendly industrial system, and promote coordinated development of industrial and ecological civilizations.Fifth, accelerate the implementation of the "go out" strategy.A new competitive advantage for export competition, which is based on technology, brand, quality and service.


At present, our country's advanced manufacturing industry generally consists of two parts, one part is traditional manufacturing, blend in advanced manufacturing technology and other high and new technology, especially information technology, promoted to advanced manufacturing industry, for example, the numerical control machine tool, Marine engineering equipment, aerospace equipment, aerospace equipment, etc.;The other part is a new industry formed after the industrialization of emerging technologies, with basic and leading industries, such as incremental manufacturing, bio-manufacturing, and micro-nano manufacturing.


Joothan first think that over the next 10 years manufacturing manufacturing in China will be more personal, highlights the service characteristics, manufacturing process is more tend to be more friendly and open source, web-based manufacturing more active and universal, manufacturing will become more efficient and better quality of economic activity.


He suggested that the following revolutionary technologies should be closely watched: renewable energy (new energy);New materials: composite materials, various materials powder making technology;Large capacity storage technology (hydrogen storage);Energy Internet (distributed grid);Distributed manufacturing (network manufacturing, cloud manufacturing), customized production, cluster effect, niche thinking;Biotechnology, nano-manufacturing technology;Digital manufacturing technology, intelligent integrated manufacturing technology;Incremental manufacturing technology.


Experts at the conference believe that advanced manufacturing will be a powerful tool to guide our manufacturing industry.According to liu baicheng, academician of the Chinese academy of engineering, advanced manufacturing technology is the basic technology of manufacturing and strategic emerging industries, which is vital to the development of economy and national security.The development trend of advanced manufacturing technology, he thought, mainly embodied in the following aspects: one is manufacturing technology and high technology integration (technical), for example, aircraft engine and heavy duty gas turbine manufacturing technology.Second, digital intelligent manufacturing technology.Third, manufacturing technology under extreme working conditions (large scale).Fourth, clean and sustainable development manufacturing technology (lightweight, intensive, green).


Liu baicheng suggested that in the process of developing advanced manufacturing technology, the research and development input should be increased, especially the construction of collaborative innovation alliance between enterprises and universities.

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