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In the recent CSSOPE 2013, it was widely believed that the continuous increase of investment in the global oil and gas industry led to the rapid development of the market and equipment manufacturing industry.China's oil and petrochemical equipment industry has benefited from its price advantage and improving quality. It is rapidly gaining the attention of more and more international customers. The focus of oil equipment procurement has been shifting to China.


The Russian federation in China representative office, chief expert jay Ye Fu aleko, xie said at the conference, 5 to 10 years before Russia is also used to think that is the worst quality of Chinese products, but now China's production of oil and gas equipment have got the Russian companies more and more orders.


Domestic petroleum equipment is integrated into world market


At the beginning of this year, two sets of intelligent slanting drilling RIGS developed by henan nanyang second group were sent to Australian users.This is the first time Chinese oil and gas drilling equipment has been exported to Australia.Because of the high standard requirement of equipment of oil and gas drilling in Australia, in electrical, vehicle certification, QHSE, abnormal strict in such aspects as technical data, belongs to one of the highest standard in the world, over the years, China's oil and gas drilling equipment in the process of internationalization, have not been able to enter the market.


China's petroleum and petrochemical equipment industrial association relevant personage tells a reporter, at present, China's petroleum and petrochemical equipment manufacturing has formed category is complete, the larger, has a certain technology level of industry system, a large number of scientific and technological achievements with independent intellectual property rights has been applied to the petroleum and petrochemical fields, some products gradually won the international market, our country exported oil equipment on the quantity, quality and on a new step.


An international buyer says that purchases of equipment such as pipe fittings, transmission equipment and heat exchangers in China cost an average of 30 per cent less than purchases from western countries.At the same time, the implementation of the "go out" strategy of domestic enterprises, especially the acceleration of the overseas business development of the three major oil companies, has further promoted China's petroleum equipment to the international market.


A head of Beijing huateng pipeline equipment co., LTD., told reporters that their oil pipeline products have been growing in foreign markets and have been unknown in the domestic market.Because in China, large oil and equipment purchasers have "access" requirements, which means that they cannot enter their purchasing catalogues if they cannot "get into the net".International buyers are increasingly willing to buy products from the Chinese market, the person said.


Many manufacturing enterprises in our country go abroad at the same time, some international petroleum equipment manufacturing enterprises into our country, also some of the world's best-known oilfield technical services company also USES its manufacturing resources in China, to expand its global business services, followed by the international oil companies to gradually increase the intensity of China's bidding procurement.China's procurement appeal is not just a price


According to Barclays' survey of 300 oil and gas companies, global oil and gas exploration and development investment in 2013 will be $644 billion, up 7% from 2012.The high investment has brought huge market to the oil and gas equipment industry and also provided opportunities for many Chinese equipment manufacturers.


An international buyer told reporters that the primary factor in Chinese procurement is price advantage.According to introducing, plans to purchase in China is the main categories of the valve, pipe and pipe fittings, flanges, steel pipe, boiler, steel structure, pressure vessel, flowmeter, mooring chain, oil drilling equipment accessories, such as high-end equipment, such as rotating equipment, control valves and other basic not purchasing in China.


But, objectively, price advantage is only one factor.Liu kai, manager of the oil and gas department of the chemical services company of TV suanwill group, said that the multinational companies believe that only the price of oil equipment from Chinese manufacturing plants will be included, and that the inquiry will be complete."First, equipment from China, plus cost, transportation, certification, etc., are cheaper than European equipment.Second, China can also produce high-quality products to ensure the stability and reliability of equipment.Third, Chinese manufacturers can guarantee very fast delivery times."Liu said.


Reporters learned that at the same time, the current domestic overseas supply directly to the end user's petroleum and petrochemical equipment manufacturing enterprises is very little, most of them are European and American traders purchasing order or OEM, this greatly lower the profits of manufacturing enterprises in our country, but also reduces the technology innovation ability, increase the quality risk of the enterprise.


"We want to buy a lot of different kinds of products, which are also large.We hope to be able to contact more Chinese manufacturers, so as long as we meet our technical standard requirements, they will be included in the potential purchase."A buyer in venezuela says.


Sell products and sell services


According to China's petroleum and petrochemical equipment industrial association, the first three months of this year's oil and petrochemical equipment manufacturing export value of the total 10.214 billion yuan, up 8.62% from a year earlier, down to single-digit growth, compared with the same period last year growth was reduced by 35.28%.The sharp decline in growth, on the one hand, may be related to the high growth in the base in the same period last year, the analysis said.On the other hand, the industry has encountered many difficulties in export trade, and international trade is facing a serious situation.


According to the American petroleum institute (API) to the latest statistics, the certification of petroleum equipment in China more than 1200 enterprises, the API certification ranked first, and the United States more than 800 only, only more than 300 in India.Unfortunately, although China is the largest producer of oil and gas equipment through its certification, it has largely failed to participate in the standard formulation.The lack of a standard voice is also bad for Chinese oil equipment entering overseas markets.


According to the introduction, the oil equipment industry is showing a new trend: one is to go to the high end, the second is to the deep sea, and the third is to merge.The industry believe that domestic oil equipment to continue to get the favour of international purchasers, in addition to continue to maintain the price advantage, and in improving product technology content, a breakthrough on the development of high-end equipment.


"At present, most of the domestic equipment enterprises are selling single products and not focusing on providing a complete solution and after-sales service.And halliburton, schlumberger and other internationally renowned oil equipment manufacturers, not only sell products, but pay more attention to the service of product follow-up.This model is worth learning for domestic oil and equipment companies."Wally parson, a person in charge of purchasing, told reporters.

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