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China's ministry of industry and information technology released 14, "the implementation of the state council on promoting action guidance for" Internet + "action plan" (2015-2015), is put forward in 2018, the Internet and manufacturing integration deepening, digital, networked, intelligent manufacturing level has increased dramatically.


On July 4, 2015, the state council issued guidance on actively promoting the "Internet plus" action, and put forward the "Internet plus" key initiatives of 11 aspects.In terms of "Internet + collaborative manufacturing", put forward the key areas to promote intelligent manufacturing, mass customization and networked collaborative manufacturing and service, to build a number of public service platform of collaborative manufacturing, speed up the formation of ecological system of networked manufacturing industry.


The action plan issued on Thursday is the implementation of the guidance in manufacturing.Its main idea is to speed up a new generation of information and communications technology and industrial depth integration as the main line, to implement "Internet +" and "Internet +" manufacturing small micro enterprises as focus, with high-speed broadband network infrastructure and information technology industry as the support, constantly create new industry competitive advantage.


Action plan of the main content includes: two integration management system and construction standard promotion action, intelligent manufacture breed promotion action, a new mode of production operations, system solution ability promotion action, small micro enterprise entrepreneurial innovation cultivation, network infrastructure upgrade action, information technology industry support ability to ascend.


According to a plan of action target, by 2018, high-end intelligent equipment localization rate significantly promoted, built a number of key industries intelligent factory, cultivating 200 intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration project, the preliminary implementation demonstrate application of the Internet industry in key industries.


The public will benefit from the action plan.The plan, by 2018, China built a batch of the fiber optic network, 4 g network covering urban and rural comprehensive, more than 80% of administrative villages to realize the optical fiber to the village, municipality directly under the central government, provincial capital of major cities average broadband access rate up to 30 MBPS.(reporter liu yuying)

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