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Sun and moon, rivers and rivers, bathing in the first sunshine of the new era, we bid farewell to yesterday, the old year, ushered in the struggle of 2018.
Temporal change, on behalf of guangdong south the sunrise leaders at all levels, from all walks of life friend and investors, express our heartfelt thanks to the retired old comrades and worker families and good wishes, sincerely wish you a happy New Year, good health, career advancement, a happy family!


In 2017, we pay the total under the leadership of the general hu, unswervingly implement the new concept of development, one thousand party hundreds of crack development, search for the revitalization of the road, and coagulation hearts meet force victory to achieve a goal to "2017", made a satisfactory answer.Looking at this answer, standing at the convergence of the old and new, we will not forget the struggle of the people in 2017.


2017 will be the year of the recovery and recovery of south xi hydraulics.Thanks to the superior departments, all levels of government support, gratitude and in-depth exchanges and cooperation between the industrial chain, the represented by members of the leadership of the "marketing" sonorous footsteps, in the molten steel, electrical sparkle splash, machine the roaring 365 day and night, in the hard work of more than 300 cadres and workers, to implement a series of victories, reversing a consecutive losses, walked out of the south the sunrise hydraulic ashes, explore the revitalization of the new way of development.


2017 is a year of innovation and innovation in south xi of guangdong.We have developed a blueprint for the development of the group, pushed forward the reform and innovation, and the results of the reform have emerged.We will continuously optimize the structure of industrial products, expand the industrial sector, promote quality improvement in the future, and integrate the old and new business sectors.Vigorously promote scientific and technological innovation, continuous on the three system reform, through four career development channel, through the market, selecting and appointing to play, can be used as, as, as a cadre of talented on important position.


2017 is the year of the development of the soul and cohesion of the southern xi.We adhere to and strengthen the leadership of the organization, take the responsibility for serious discipline, and make the carrier of "double innovation", the active cultural atmosphere and the comprehensive gathering of strong and powerful forces;Improve the "ISO" management innovation system, complete budget rigidity, and improve management level;Innovate system mechanism, gradually improve modern enterprise system;Implement the youth growth plan, train the post-85 cadres in batches, and lay the talent foundation.


Achievements and glory to history, opportunity and hope to look to tomorrow, standing in the new era of higher starting point, Gao Huai far, look to 2018, we insist on emancipating the mind, reform and innovation, bear, the revitalization of development, make full use of two markets and two resources, multiple platforms, multiple talents, determined to win the attitude construction, risk prevention, to erase the revitalization of three big battle, guangdong south the sunrise, high quality development, to develop and expand do best do big new journey.


In the eighteenyears, the dream is not changed.Today we are facing in guangdong south prosperity development important period, the sunrise dream forever, for in the day, let us close unity around FuWei comrades as the core of the company leadership, don't forget to beginner's mind, keep in mind that the mission, gather the earth, a comprehensive revitalization of the glorious chapter, in order to meet us for a better life yearning, again, again!

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